Our Story

Although Eolion Energía S.L.P. has been founded in juny of 2018, our story began some time before, in the year 2015.

By that time, we were enroled in the last year of the Energy engineering degree at the Rey Juan Carlos University. In this moment, curiosity emerged from its lethargy and the necessity of learning more arose, as we felt that even though we were about to finish our studies, we barely scratched the surface of the engineering knowledge.

We aimed from the very beginning to the development of new power generation technologies departing on the existing ones based on renewables sources. Summarizing: to develop energy in a different and feasible way improving the existing state-of-the-art technologies.

This approach led us to investigate different ways of harvesting energy from wind, ocean currents, hydro and solar energy. From the mentioned research a new project was born: Eolo Zero Project, where a high efficiency vertical axis wind turbine has been developed, specially designed for energy self-consumption in urban environment.

After the first stage of development of the device, where several upgrades were performed, we decided to participate in the Bank Santander Explorer’s program in the year 2017, with the purpose of create a new business model centered on the vertical axis wind turbine.

We participated and won the program and then we travelled to Silicon Valley in order to learn as much as possible of the way that people works in the greatest entrepreneurship place in the world. After that trip, we started with our entrepreneurial activity.

Besides our in-house innovation and development projects in the field of the renewable technologies, we are currently offering our services of consultancy, counseling and project management in the energy engineering sector.