Although Eolion was founded not so long ago, the innovative spirit of this company has been recognised with the following awards:

II Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Award EDPR University Challenge – Economically feasible Marine Current Turbines Ávila Advance Technological Challenge
Winner – 2015 Ranked in the top 5 – 2015 Second Prize – 2017
Rey Juan Carlos University EDP Renováveis City Council of Ávila

YUZZ Contest Renewable Energy Award Sapere Aude Award in Company creation and innovation
Winner – 2017 Winner – 2018 Winner – 2018
Rey Juan Carlos University & Santander Bank XI Avila’s energy workshop City Council of Ávila

Innovation Galery of Renewable Energy I Energy Engineering Congress
Exhibitor – 2018 Exhibitor – 2018
Genera – Energy and Environment International Trade Fair iENER